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We may not always act like it, but we’re adults around here. To enter the the orchard, confirm you’re 18 years of age or older.


Mercury Hard Cider has a light golden appearance with a fresh, yet delicate and subdued, lingering aroma of apples. Mercury Hard Cider is inspired by traditional ‘hard ciders’. Mercury Hard Cider is full flavoured with a smooth finish.

Crushed raspberry

Mercury Cider Crushed Raspberry is infused with real raspberries, delivering big juicy apple and berry notes. A new take on the #1 hard cider in Australia.

Crushed Passionfruit

Mercury Cider Crushed Passionfruit is fermented with real passionfruit to create a delicate passionfruit aroma and subtle but noticeable flavour on the palate. Pleasantly balanced with an upfront refreshing tartness and smooth finish.

Other Ciders


Mercury Dry has a fruity, apple cider flavour with a cleansing dry aftertaste.


Mercury Genuine Draught is a classic style cider with a slightly darker hue. This product has a perfect balance between the sweetness of cider and the sharpness of the apple.