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You need to be the legal drinking age.

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Mercury Hard Cider has a light golden appearance, yet a full flavour with a smooth finish. Inspired by traditional 'hard cider'.

Crushed raspberry image

Crushed raspberry

Mercury Hard Cider crushed with real raspberries, delivering big juicy apple and berry notes. A new take on the #1 hard cider in Australia.

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Crushed Passionfruit

Mercury Cider Crushed Passionfruit is Mercury Hard Cider crushed with real passionfruit. Pleasantly balanced with an upfront refreshing tartness and smooth finish.

Crushed Blackcurrant image

Crushed Blackcurrant

Mercury Hard Cider crushed with ripe blackcurrants. A full yet sweet palate with a refreshing finish. Our newest take on Australia's #1 Hard Cider.

Other Ciders

Dry image


Mercury Dry has a fruity, apple cider flavour with a cleansing dry aftertaste.

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Mercury Genuine Draught is a classic style cider with a slightly darker hue. This product has a perfect balance between the sweetness of cider and the sharpness of the apple.